As part of the Amal Academy megaproject, we have initiated a startup called “tech solutions”. The purpose behind its initiation was to fill the market gap caused as a consequence of rapidly rising inflation and lack of tech market awareness within the youth. The gap thus created is deleteriously affecting the decision-making regarding buying quality tech products among the people especially youth.

We here at Tech solutions are willing to bridge the long persistent gap between people and quality tech products.

Plan of action

Business Model Canvas

  • Vendors.
  • Clients.
  • Sponsors.
  • Entrepreneurial firms.

2. Value propositions:

· We offer advice for no cost.

· Perform troubleshooting with gadgets without any cost.

· We recommend at no cost.

· We will offer a safe passage for the maintenance of tech gadgets with continuous feedback.

· We offer low budget tech items identifying the need of a person who cannot afford.

3. Customer Relationship:

  • We will ask for consumer’s feedback.
  • Stars rating.
  • Ask for reviews.
  • Offer incentives.

4. Channels:

  • Building an application.
  • Website development.
  • Social media.
  • Personal connections of each circle member.

5. Customer Segment:

  • University, college, and school students.
  • People in need.
  • People who are unaware of the technology.
  • People looking for gadget maintenance.

6. Revenue Streams:

  • AdSense.
  • Profit for selling services (maintenance of gadgets and accessories)
  • Funding.

7. Cost Structure:

  • Transportation.
  • Profit distribution.


  1. After proposal submission from 7th onwards we started working on multiple strategies to go about promotions of the product service.
  2. We formulated a Facebook page which currently has more than 350 likes.
  3. Although the page has been there for quite a while it was not much active. By 22nd September we activated the page by regularly posting and engaging the audience.
  4. From 25th September we started working on website development.
  5. We are planning to do a market survey from 29th September till 1st October.
  6. From 1st October onwards we will be actively working on our cases and catering to our customers.

Task division

  1. Sales and Marketing:

These include the tasks related to promoting our business and telling the people around what “Tech Solutions” is up to. Posting on social media and engaging people on our website includes this domain and is looked over by Taimoor Ahmed.

2) Finance & Accounts:

As along with inculcating the factor of welfare, to run our business we are planning to charge some fees for our services. This task was reserved by Ammar Gadit.

3) Creativity and Innovations:

How the promotions will be handled and what type of products we will be providing. How the customer can interact with us and how day to day posts will be required to keep people engaged on our page are included in this domain and is handled by Areesha Ameem.

4) Website Development:

To engage our customers and serving them effectively on time and in a professional way we needed a website on which Jibran Haseeb is working.

5) Supply Chain:

The flow of work i.e. taking the product from a wholesaler and after going through processes, providing them the product or service is part of this task. Being the main stakeholder of “Tech Solutions” it is handled by Hameed Akbar Sufiyan.

6) Operations:

This task comprises holding every member accountable for their particular roles and ensuring that the processes of taking the cases and resolving them to satisfy the customer’s needs are running smoothly. This task was taken up by Shahreyar Hassan.

Anticipated challenges and how to overcome them:

Now some of the difficulties which we expected to encounter during our business were the effective management of the website for which we need proper channeling for running the website. Moreover, we are highly dependent upon the support we aim to get in the future in terms of Facebook followers, which seems a bit difficult task as it is not easy to keep people engaged. One of the most expected and understandable challenges or rather we should say hindrance was the problem of people’s mindset here in Pakistan, as they consider these online services to be a scam. We aim to build a lasting trust within our customers.

As said by Ms.Seema Aziz the Founder and Managing Director of ‘SEFAM’ that “best advertisement is a happy customer”. So we aim to make our project a success by providing the absolute best service to our valuable customers.